We’ve all heard is said “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat a lifetime”. After many trips to the Philippines we have noticed one big problem is families ability to find steady income. We teamed with a local church in the island of Leyte, Philippines, where super typhoon Yolanda had destroyed much of in 2014. We purchased a serger, an industrial Juki sewing machine and a manual, pedal operated Singer. Yes, that old Singer that was a staple in the US many years ago is still being manufactured today! We went to Dagami, Leyte, Philippines after connecting with a Women’s minister In the city of Tacloban. She was able to aquire government financing to supply a sewing instructor to teach local villagers on the use of these machines. We added a room to the pastors house to serve as a manufacturing area. Local men and women are able to use the machines, after training, and manufacture goods to sell at local markets. Proceeds help pay for electricity and maintenance of the machines to support their households. We have also started another livelyhood program in Tarlac, Philippines where we supplied a Singer manual machine that also has a motor.