Currently volcano Taal is erupting approximately 40 miles south of Manila. The Philippine government has evacuated as of the latest report 44,000 people. the evacuation zones may be a community basketball court, a school yard or simply private property with enough space to hold evacuee families. Lorna was intending on taking her Mother home to visit family and wanted to include a mission to areas that are muslim dominated. I was not comfortable with this and prayed for the Lord to give us a clear vision. Suddenly the volcano erupted and Lorna felt compelled to jump into action. she started with building a team that would be able to transport needed goods and have the ability to organize relief efforts. Lorna arrive on January 20 and went right into action. Armed with enough supplies to equip 200 families with food, water, rice, toiletries, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face towels and flip flops, she wasted no time.

Our nephew, Pastor Joel, who has chaperoned numerous mission over the past years eagerly accepted the calling. They loaded a large van and other vehicles and headed into the evacuation zone. the first several days were truly God appointed. with many accepting hte need to call Jesus their savior. Lorna’s mother, whom is 92, was an evacuee of the mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991. At that time, she lost all…Her home collapsed under the pressure of volcanic ash. She was displaced and evacuated to an area which was not able to meet her families needs. She, being elderly and with respiratory issues as a risk decided that she needed to be part of this mission. Dolores is in this fight and was present to help hand out aid but to also minister that the Lord will see them thru this crises.

Please keep Lorna, Joel, Dolores, Manny, Lorena, KC, IVee and the entire crew in your thoughts and prayers during this time. If you feel led to assist, you can visit our donate page and place an offering that is deeply needed.

One of the foundation motivations of Oasis Ministries International is to build and edify the body of Christ. It is this approach that we take with us. We preach the Gospel, and use words when necessary is a saying that makes a lot of sense to us. After super typhoon Yolanda destroyed areas is Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines, We traveled in the wake as a small, unheard of non-profit. We found that some of the bigger groups and governments sent supplies but what was lacking was the one on one interaction with those suffering total loss in their lives. We brought tarps and helped them to get relief from the elements. We brought food and fed them. We spent time with them and ministered to them. After many organizations left, we purchased several sewing machines including an industrial Juki and a Singer pedal operated machine and a serger. Working with a local church and the local government, we were able to bring in an instructor and teach residents how to make goods to sell at local markets. We have since expanded this program and are encouraged by the results.